At Grove School we do not label a student as a bully, we label behaviors as bullying. We do not label a person as a bully since this amounts little more than name calling. Many students may commit a bullying behavior at some point in time, but very few will repeat the behavior and fall into the bullying pattern.
Anytime you are being bullied, or witness someone else being bullied you must report the incident to one of the following:
  • Your parents or guardians
  • A teacher
  • The school counselor
  • The school nurse
  • A school administrator
  • A trusted adult

 If you are scared to report it yourself, bring a friend.
On the right are links to several forms you can download to help you report bullying.
Being bullied is a very scary situation, you feel powerless, afraid, and alone. You are not alone, and you are not powerless. The following steps may help you avoid being in a bullying situation:
  • Avoid unsupervised areas, stay near an adult
  • Don’t give the bullies a chance! Choose a different route or routine
  • Avoid the rear of the bus, sit in the front
  • Find a friend and stay together
Remember, anytime you are being bullied you need to report it. Cyberbullying adds a new dimension to bullying and goes well beyond one-on-one or even small group exposure of traditional bullying. The best way to handle cyberbullying is to act responsibly and take steps to prevent it before it happens, or at least lessen its impact.
  • Educate yourself in the use of your technology and social media. Use restrictive settings to avoid unwanted users from accessing your devices, and social media sites and pages.
  • Use common sense in your postings and avoid posting personal information that could be turned against you.
  • Use complex passwords, don’t share your passwords, and change your passwords often.
  • Immediately report and and all instances of cyberbullying. You may have to contact your service or social media provider to report users that are cyberbullies.