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Labeling Is Dangerous!

At Grove School we do not label a student as a bully, we label behaviors as bullying. We do not label a person as a bully since this amounts little more than name calling. Many students may commit a bullying behavior at some point in time, but very few will repeat the behavior and fall into the bullying pattern.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is more than just one incident. Bullying occurs systematically over time and can be physical and or psychological harm.  Bullying can be inflicted directly as in teasing, hitting, theft, making threats, or forced activity, or indirect as in manipulation, excluding from group activity, or spreading rumors.

Bullying consists of three elements:

  • Repetition
  • Power imbalance
  • Intent to cause harm

A bully will pick on their target day after day with repetition, will always win because their target is usually smaller and less powerful, and enjoys seeing their target in a powerless situation.

Bullying Is Not:

Bullying is not a one time act such as:
  • Calling someone a name
  • Shoving a person out of line
  • Having a disagreement with a classmate
  • Not wanting to play with a friend during recess
  • Not inviting a classmate to a birthday party

Different Types Of Bullying

Physical Bullying - Harming another's body or property, usually inflicted directly

Emotional Bullying - Harming another's self-esteem, may be inflicted directly or indirectly

Social Bullying, Including Cyberbullying - Harming another's group acceptance, usually inflicted indirectly but may also be inflicted directly