Grove’s Got Talent

Rules and Regulations


I. Participants

All Contestants must be current students of Grove. Students may participate as individuals or in groups. All contestants must complete an entry form and submit them to Mr. Toppie prior to the audition for each category. For contestants participating in a group, every member must complete an entry form.


II. Rewards

During the Grove’s Got Talent Finale Show, there will be a $100 cash prize for Grand Prize (1st place), a $50 cash prize for second place and a $25 cash prize for third place and various other participation awards.  Prizes will be split among individuals who participate in a group.


III. Rounds

There will be three rounds of judging: Audition, Category Performance (LIVE), and Finale.



Auditions will take place in the music room after school.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the music room with audition times. During the audition, performers will need to wear their outfits and bring props they will be using during the performance to be approved.

All music and costumes must be provided by the student.  All costumes must be school appropriate and follow the Grove School dress code. The words to songs that students sing must be school appropriate.

If students are performing in a group, there may be up to four members of the group.

Auditions will be limited to three minutes. Once each act has been approved by Mr. Toppie they can move forward to the LIVE Category Performance Show. Parents or guardians are welcome to come and watch their students audition.

Students MUST sign-up to audition for Mr. Toppie or you will not be allowed to perform in the LIVE Category Performance show. Students must bring a signed permission form to audition for Grove’s Got Talent.


Category Performance (LIVE)

The LIVE Category Performance Show will be held during school hours.  Contestants will perform in front of a live audience.  The panel of judges will be made of Grove faculty and staff. Three acts will be selected from each category to perform in the Finale.  The faculty and staff judges will select two acts and an alternate act for the Finale.  The third selection will be made by secret ballot by the audience.  If the audience selection matches a judge’s selection, then the judge’s alternate selection will move to the finals.  All performances during the LIVE Category Performance Show will be 90 seconds each.


Finale (LIVE)

All finalists must perform their Finale act for Mr. Toppie after school or by special appointment. The act must change from what you performed in the previous Grove’s Got Talent LIVE Category Performance show. Mr. Toppie will be checking for all school appropriateness- costumes, music and songs, as well as words within vocal songs.  The Finale performances may last up to 2 minutes in length.



IV. Prices

There is no fee for the Audition round in the music room.


V. Categories

There will be three categories of acts: Dance/Pom/Tumble/Cheer, Singing, and Instrumental.









** If an individual is going to be singing AND dancing,

they will need to perform in the “DANCE/POM/TUMBLE/CHEER

category of the talent show. The “SINGING” category is for

individuals or groups who will be singing ONLY. **


VI. Performances


All performances must be appropriate for school and will be judged so by Mr. Toppie  If a student does not make it to the Finale in one category, they may compete in another category. All performance acts must stay the same between the audition and LIVE Category Performance. Failure to keep the performance the same will result in disqualification from the talent show.


The girl’s locker room next to the band room will be the main changing location for girls to change into their outfits. They can also leave their things in the band room during their performance. All CDs and music must be cut to 90 seconds prior to performing or they will be cut by the sound tech at 90 seconds (even if your performance is not complete).


If a student auditions and is unable to be present at the LIVE Category Performance, they forfeit their performance and will not be allowed to perform at another time.


All CDs and music for performances must be turned into Mr. Toppie before each LIVE Category Performance.



VII. Entry Form Information

All participants must complete an entry form prior to the performance.





If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Toppie

(405) 275-7435